Welcome to Netwark’s documentation!

Netwark is a web-based toolkit for lazy systems and network administrators that want to run parellized tools on multiple servers.

Netwark can help you to run ping or mtr on a single machine, all machines of the network or a group of machines. It embed some tools like IPv4/IPv6 calculator, MAC OUI Lookup and can WHOIS domains, ASN and ip addresses.

In the future, it’s planned to add more tools and the capability to create smoke pings graphs and alerts.


Today, Netwark is capable to:

  • Run asynchronous tasks (operations) with the possibility to broadcast (or not) the tasks to one or multiples machines/queues:

    • Can run mtr and retrieve a graph
    • Can run a simple ping
  • Run synchronous tasks for retrieving:
    • WHOIS informations from domains names, IP addresses and ASN numbers
    • Retrieve informations about the manufacturer of a device by looking on the MAC OUI table
    • Calculate IPv4/IPv6 subnets with a IP calculator
  • Access to all features with a REST API or through a sweet web interface

More network/discovery tools will be added to the list of available tools on asynchronous queues.

Deployment informations

Netwark is completly written in Python using Pyramid Framework, Cornice, Celery and uses PostgreSQL has database.

  • Linux/Unix host the server can works on Windows but the worker need some commands that only work on a true Linux/Unix environment (WSL don’t allow to play with raw sockets).
  • PostgreSQL 9.5+
  • RabbitMQ
  • Node.JS LTS (only for needed for npm and gulp)

You can also deploy Netwark on Docker and scale as you want.

For more informations, check the documentation.


Netwark is free and open source software licensed under MIT license.

This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from https://www.maxmind.com

You can open issues to report a bug, suggest a new feature/enhancement or open a pull request to contribute to the codebase.

Please ensure you have black, pylint, pycodestyle and ESLint installed on your machine and ensure that no errors are returned by theses tools. Please create or adapt tests units for all your modifications.